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Managing Supply Chain Risk – That’s for Somebody Else to Worry About, Right?
The recent occurrence of faulty ignition switches in General Motors cars should serve as a wakeup call to companies that lack good visibility into their global supply chains…. »

Sanitary Food Transportation Act in Focus
The Food and Drug Administration has the responsibility for implementing FSMA and has issued seven proposed rules on each of the critical elements. These include Hazard… »

What the Heck is Supply Chain Resiliency?
Our definition of supply chain resiliency or “Resilience Ranking” is a mathematical measure of corporate performance at the intersection of inventory turns and… »


Serialization: New Reality for the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
The pathway to full serialization and tracking of prescription drugs by 2023 is well under way. Bob Kennedy, vice president of DMLogic, discusses the challenges and… »

Getting the Goods on Supply-Chain Security
George Wheeler, senior director of the Lucena Group, explains why it’s critical to have an effective supply-chain security program, and where many existing efforts are… »

The Connected Value Asset Chain
Maintenance and data transfer are facilitated when enterprises link their assets to the internet, says Andy Chatha, President, ARC Advisory Group. [Run Time (Min.): 8:03]

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CPG Suppliers: Drowning in the Sea of Big Data
No doubt about it – consumer packaged goods companies are drowning in data today.

Managing Freight Payment: No Time to Slack Off
In the end, all outsourcing relationships are founded on trust. You can write a contract that drills down to the smallest details, but at some point you have to rely on the… »

Sourcing and Procurement Comes of Age
Before the cloud – before the commercial internet – there were communications networks that linked manufacturers with their suppliers. How effective they were is another… »


Data Theft Affects Nearly One in Five Adults Online Data Theft Affects Nearly One in Five Adults Online
Eighteen percent of online adults in the U.S. have had important personal data stolen, according to a Pew Research Center study highlighting the crisis in data protection.

UK Manufacturers Lost Significant Amounts in Preventable Supply Chain Problems
Large UK manufacturers lost more than £58m in 2013 following a raft of preventable supply chain issues, including firms’ failures to deliver goods on time.

CEVA Logistics Opens New Foreign Trade Zone in Miami
CEVA Logistics has opened a foreign trade zone within a warehouse in Miami.
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Paying More to Gain the Advantage: Five Factors to Consider When Sourcing Direct Materials
When it comes to sourcing the direct materials needed to create their products, leading manufacturers know that it isn’t just about price, but rather best total cost and… »

The Cloud Supply Chain Data Network
Historically there’s been great difficulty — and importance — in obtaining high quality data to fuel global trade management systems. The paper also explores the advent… »

Supply Chain Segmentation Enabled
Today’s supply chains — stretched by globalization, outsourcing, and the rapid proliferation of SKUs and product configurations — are exceedingly complex. They’re also… »


How to Protect Your Supply Chain From Cyber Crime How to Protect Your Supply Chain From Cyber Crime
The risk of cyber crime hitting your supply chain is greater than ever before.

Who Needs An American Merchant Marine? Who Needs An American Merchant Marine?
Should we allow U.S.-flag merchant shipping to go the way of the passenger pigeon, the wooly mammoth and the Great Auk?

It's Valentine's Day. Are You Too in Love With Your Forecast? It’s Valentine’s Day. Are You Too in Love With Your Forecast?
Humankind is forever striving for perfection. When it comes to the job of demand forecasting, however, perhaps we ought to be a tad less obsessive.


Managing Supply Chain Risk with Advanced Sourcing Strategies Managing Supply Chain Risk with Advanced Sourcing Strategies
ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Managing supply chain risk requires three key elements: visibility into potential risk factors, decision making with an eye on reducing supply risk,… »

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