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Supply Chain Mapping Combined with Risk Assessment

Analyst Insight: In July 2013, Mary Driscoll of APQC had an interesting headline in the Harvard Business Review Blog , “Why are Companies Continually Getting Blind-sided by Risk?” Their risk management survey highlighted that 75 percent of respondents stated they were hit by at least one major… »

Attracting and Hiring Warehouse Associates

A strong, enduring team is key to warehousing success. Since its inception, WERC has supported the warehouse associate as a professional and logistics as a viable career choice. We wanted to know: Do companies utilize outreach programs to “sell” the profession? What methods are used to announce job… »

You Need Technologies That Give a Multi-Tier View

Supply chain visibility is a requirement for any organization competing in today’s global marketplace. The top strategy for organizations looking to improve visibility into their supply chains is to implement technologies that enable effective monitoring of not just tier one suppliers but tier two… »

Efficient Last-mile Delivery in Tomorrow’s Megacities

Analyst Insight: Rapid urbanization is an unstoppable challenge for supply chains that must be reckoned with,and soon. As more cities swell into megacities, the fundamentals of last-mile delivery, in particular, will require a rethink. Businesses will need to consider urban delivery based on the… »

The Continuous Pursuit of the Best View

Analyst Insight: As supply chain complexity increases, together with an accelerating pace of business, supply chain visibility becomes critical. Some companies boast of immediate access to any information they need within their four walls; but this is simply no longer a competitive capability. In… »

Clarity, Complex Event Processing Combine to Create High-Definition Supply Chain Solution

Analyst Insight: Visibility continues to be cited as a critical must-have to manage supply chains. Globalization and growing awareness of the risks induced by outsourcing has exacerbated the need to understand complex events. Yet most companies can only peer into the mist. Large blind sides exist… »

SRM Is All About the Relationship

Analyst Insight: The true value of supplier relationship management is not what you think. It isn’t just about managing a bi-directional relationship between the buyer and supplier, it’s about managing the extended supply network (customers’ customers and suppliers’ suppliers). In today’s… »

Transportation & Distribution’s Business Case for Automation Has Changed

Analyst Insight: With the rise of e-commerce, higher customer expectations and skyrocketing transportation costs, the business case for automation has changed. It’s not just about accuracy and labor savings anymore. It’s also about the incremental revenue and competitive advantage that comes from… »

Optimizing Fleet Management in a Fast-changing Environment

Analyst Insight: There is a growing emphasis on the strategy and management of fleets in the U.S. due to regulatory changes, driver shortages, increased trucking costs and additional focus on customer service. To manage these challenges, companies must assess how best to leverage assets and design… »

Why Do U.S.-Owned Private Maritime Security Teams Keep Getting in Hot Water?

Why do U.S.-owned private maritime security teams continually get in trouble on ships overseas? Does the U.S. adhere to a lower standard than the rest of the world when it comes to private maritime security? The answers may surprise you. »

Where Is RFID Going – and Where Is It Taking Us?

Behind the scenes the electronics industry is leaping into brave new worlds of printed electronics, electronic inks, and laser Nano and other innovations. Quite frankly we don’t think any of these innovations will mightily impact the current trajectory of RFID as we know it today. But in our life… »

The Missing Future Risk Management Elements

Analyst Insight: Supply chain risk management is an evolution of business processes, techniques and focus over a multitude of elements. As supply chains have evolved to value chains, so too have the methods for supply chain risk management. Value chain risk management requires a broader… »

New Strategic & Tactical Frameworks for Supply Chain Security

Analyst Insight: As the concept of supply chain risk management matures into a discipline, we witnessed that most disciplines need frameworks to ensure initial success and sustainability. This is holding true for the growth and maturity of SCRM. The Association for Operations Management, or APICS,… »

How Can Marketing and Supply Chain Ever Get on the Same Page?

Analyst Insight: Let’s start at the very beginning. Supply chain DNA is focused on costs while providing acceptable service to customers. Marketing DNA is focused on revenues that come from the sales and services. As a result, the only shared value between marketing and supply chain people is the… »

Continuous Replenishment Lowers Outbound Transportation Costs

Continuous replenishment programs offer the potential for more efficient supply chain processes. In these programs, organizations share inventory information with their suppliers and the supplier automatically replaces materials as needed. APQC’s research indicates that continuous replenishment… »

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