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Go Beyond Traditional WMS

Greg Cronin, executive vice president of Intelligrated, and Nyle Morris, vice president of sales at Knighted, discuss the paradigm shift in fulfillment strategies being driven by omnichannel retailing and the type of integrated solutions that these strategies require.readmore

Wait a Sec- Things to Consider Before Deciding to Re-shore Operations

The past couple of decades have been marked by a stream of organizations shifting operations abroad, lured by the promise of cheap labor and production. However, this dynamic is changing amidst rising costs and an increasingly complex global supply chain. Now, the trend is to at least consider re-shoring.readmore

Reshoring Is No Fad-It’s Invigorating the U.S. Supply Chain Network

Today companies must look at the total cost of manufacturing such as quality, intellectual-property risk, inventory-carrying costs, the complexities of having a lengthier supply chain and other external and internal business costs. And, considering abundant and low-cost U.S. energy, manufacturing in the U.S. makes good economic sense for foreign and local investment.readmore

Managing Supply Chain Risk

The recent occurrence of faulty ignition switches in General Motors cars should serve as a wake up call to companies that lack good visibility into their global supply chains. But most have failed to implement adequate supply-chain risk-management programs that could head off such problems.

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